Monday, October 10, 2005

Boracay: Willy's Rock here I was in a place I considered to be my Paradise and I had a great place to stay. I unpacked my things and fought the temptation to stay in the room and just watch TV. This was one bad thing about this room - Cable TV - it had more channels than what I had back home and it could make me forget that I was someplace else. Fortunately, I willed myself to go out into the sun once more. Despite a few clouds, it was generally a bright, sunny day. I decided to head north (picture)

the view north of station 1

In the distance I saw Willy's Rock and decided to head there. The sun was really turning up the heat and I forgot to apply some sunblock but what the heck! It wouldn't been as beautiful if the sun wasn't shining.

In front of Willy's Rock
Willy's Rock is the only island (well sort of) along the White Beach. It's about a 10-minute stroll from Station 1 and almost infront of Waling-Waling Beach Resort. It's a small group of large old coral formations where some palm trees have managed to gain a foothold. There is a shrine to Mary on the rock nearest the beach.

Shrine to Mary atop Willy's Rock

Usually, Willy's Rock is surrounded by knee-deep water. However, it appears that this time of year the sea barely touches it. I managed to get to the 'middle rock' where i spent the rest of the morning lying under the lone palm tree gazing at the sea...

view of the rest of Willy's Rock formation

and the beach...

view of Waling-Waling beachfront from Willy's Rock

Ahhh... this is the life.

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