Monday, February 26, 2007

Death of My Yahoo

For some unknown reason my email address of 10+ years, has ceased to exist. I'll miss the hundreds of junk mail I get by the day :) But there goes my Yahoo360!, YM contacts....

I'll be back with Yahoo, soon. For the meantime, you can email me at

I'll miss that address....


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Bar Bar A: You know how it is... those who have tanned skin want to be fairer and those who have fair skin want to get a tan :) I'm already a bit fair by the standards here but it looks more pale than fair

DaybyDay4-2day: I really can't imagine how 20F must feel.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Summer Is Here

It's just February and summer has already started (sigh). The heat is already getting to me. My room is both a blessing and not. During the warm afternoons, my room is cool but during the cool nights, my room is a lot warmer than the outside.

Guess it's time for lots of fluids and I hope I get a tan :)

Happy summer to all!


1996 - present

I didn't own a cellphone at the start and text messaging was not yet existent (at least in the country - now, the Philippines is the texting capital of the world!). Eventually, I found that getting in contact with other guys was too slow on the WWW.

A roomate introduced me to MIRC, a program that allowed access to chatrooms. Eventually I discovered rooms like gaymanila, gaypinoy, and bi-manila on Dalnet and Undernet servers.

The program was single-handedly responsible for setting me up with hookups, friends, acquaintances but curiously none of my relationships.

I admit, the rooms were more of sex channels but I still think It was the most convenient way for me to meet people.

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DaybyDay4-2day, I wish he gave me an easier test.

May, I wish I could stay away from same-sex sex... Fortunately, at present, i'm too busy to think about it :) Of course, that wasn't usually the case. I don't mind questions like these. Thanks

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Stand on Religion

My blogger friend, May, asked this question in my previous post:

"just that you are totally at peace with who you are, what is your religious stand on being gay?"

I think it's pretty clear what the Bible says about the "defining act" of being gay. It's stated in black and white in Leviticus 18:22. I was brought up in a religious family and I don't have any doubt that same-sex sex is a sin. Being gay doesn't necessarily mean you have to have sex just as being straight doesn't. Spiritually it's a struggle but I'm not lying to myself. Being gay is NOT a sin but the ACT of being gay is.

Personally I believe that many people twist the meaning of what's clearly stated in the Bible so that they can appease their conscience.

For example: the Bible says,

"Remember the Sabbath day to keep it hold, 6 days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of thy Lord thy God... Exodus 20:8-10"

So people made Monday the 1st day of the week (look at the calendars) so that Sunday would be the 7th day (church day). But Matthew 28, Luke 24, and John 20 clearly say that Jesus was ressurected on the 1st day... and isn't that day called EASTER SUNDAY? So if Jesus was resurrected Sunday, which the Bible says is the 1st day, it can't be the 7th day, too (when we should be in church), can it?

PS: DayByDay4-2Day, I still can't decide which of them is the most fabulous. Hehehehe


1996 - 1997

"How would I get to meet people like myself?" Being a predominantly Roman Catholic country, society wasn't exactly forgiving of people like me. I didn't drink or smoke so that make going to bars difficult. To complicate things, I was a Seventh-day Adventist and was studying in a boarding school that was like boot camp where everybody knew everyone else.

Then I discovered the World Wide Web. You have to understand that access to the internet was not as widespread as it is now (in the country). I was home only during the weekends and that was the only time I had access to the Web. I started searching for email sites where I could correspond with PLU (People Like Me) and hopefully hook up with them.

I can't remember how many guys I met this way but 2 of them eventually became a couple and are still together. Thats more than  15yrs! 

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A New World


It too a while, but I eventually got over my "first heartache. I was now free to explore the new world I was in. I actually felt excited. I didn't feel any anger or conflict inside. I knew who I was at that time and I wanted to find out all there was to the "new" me.


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