Sunday, May 22, 2011


... That's what I feel looking at our patient. She's 53. Found to have cancer of the food tube. She was supposed to undergo radiation therapy when she experienced difficulty breathing. She had to be admitted to the ICU and hooked up to a machine that would do the breathing for her. Doctors found out that the cancer had spread to her lungs. There is nothing they can do. It's practically game over.

It would be easier if she wasn't fully awake and comprehending. I cannot imagine what is ging through her mind. But she either is in denial or is not aware of her actual status. She's in limbo. Midway between life and death... Or maybe nearer death. But what she's going through right now is no way to live nor is it a way to die.

Only a miracle can save her. And if there's no chance of one happening, she has to at least die with dignity... But there doesn't seem to be a chance of either.


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