Friday, January 11, 2008

A Few Good Men Part II

I wasn't really surprised that 2 of my friends would rush out to help. What made me really stop for a moment was that it was THOSE 2 of my friends.

There really is a whole spectrum of gaydom. On one end there's the totally masculine kind who works out at the gym and is into extreme sports and on the other end is the cross-dresser who wears make-up and fabulous clothes. There were none of the extremes in the group I was with but neither were we all the same.

Most of us prided ourselves on being more on the "discreet" end of the spectrum rather than on the "loud" side. Sad to say, even within groups of people like me, discrimination also exists. Those who were a bit more "loud" and "effeminate" usually became the target of jokes and were taken less seriously by those WITHIN the group.

But it was these 2 such members of the group who were "man" enough to go out and help the 2 beaten-up men. I don't know if they even considered the possibility that they could get beaten up also if the suspects returned.

Of course during the course of helping, 1 friend dropped the guy he was carrying because some blood got to his arm (I doubt he added to the injury), and when medical personnel arrived, the other friend started throwing up because apparently he couldn't stand the sight of blood.

The point is, they were brave and were "man" enough to show it

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Few Good Men Part I

It was almost 4am, and we had just finished celebrating our christmas party at a small bar. The few of us who had stayed until the bar had closed were walking to a nearby Burger King branch for an early breakfast. The store was located alongside a usually busy main road.

As we neared the store we noticed a some commotion on the other side of the road. It appeared that a group of men, who maybe had too much to drink, where beating up 2 other men (who also had too much to drink). One guy fell to his attackers while the other managed to cross the road to the side of the store (by this time we - about 12 of us - were already inside the store). Unfortunately, the group of men caught up to him at the parking area and beat him up badly before leaving.

There were about 30 patrons inside the store and we were all looking at the guy lying just in the parking lot. I was looking, too, but I just didn't care. I kept thinking that it was their fault that they drank too much... then 2 other patrons went out to check on the guy lying in the parking lot. "Good for them", I though. They still had enough humanity in them to be concerned. Then, 2 of my friends rushed out to see if they could help.
This time I felt ashamed of myself.

Not only did my 2 friends do whatever they could to help the man (which wasn't really much buy hey! they did something), they also went across the road to the other beat-up man and carried him to the side of the store.... (to be continued)

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