Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Boracay: Agimat, Inc.

It was my first night in Boracay and I explored the establishments along the beach. September is an off-peak month so as expected, the beach front wasn't that crowded. Lining the White Beach is a long line of restaurants, resorts, and various stalls. Haggling for prices is the routine here and NEVER agree immediately on a set price of an item.

As I was strolling, I came across a simple stall set up near the Red Coconut Beach Resort. The owners didn't have even a roof over their stall which was simply leaning against a palm trees. On display were various necklaces, bracelets, and anklets - Agimat, Inc.

"Agimat" is the Filipino word for 'charm' or 'lucky charm'. Now Boracay has dozens of stalls that sell these items but what set this stall apart was the fact that their owners 'knew' what they were selling. The could tell you what each stone represented - whether friendship, love, business, travel, etc.; and how each item was made. They also claimed that their items were unique - and in fairness, i didn't find similar items in the other stalls.

If you happen to visit Boracay, try to look for them. They're there from 5pm to 10pm. In the meantime, you could checkup a fellow bloggers site for some beaded stuff.

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