Thursday, October 13, 2005

October Gadget Wishlist

Being a gadget lover, every1st week of the month I make it a point to go to a magazine stall andget a copy of the local edition of
T3Magazine. I think it's thebest gadget magazine printed locally. I decided to make a wish listbased on the gadgets featured in the magazine.

Samsung SGH-E730. I've always admired Samsung phones.Their displays are the best I've seen and I think it's cool to have aclamshell-type phone although I think it would be more appropriate forthose who make frequent calls instead of SMS addicts like me. My onlycomplaint about Samsung mobile phones is that they are often behindwhen it comes to features. Bluetooth was first implemented in theirD500 model, about 2 years later than other mobilemakers. Well, the SGH-E730 is almost my perfect phone: clamshell,great display, good interface. Although it does carry a 1.3 megapixelcamera and 90MB of memory, for the same price you can getthe…

Sony EricssonK750i (orW800i - similar but you pay extra for thelarger memory card) which comes with a 2 megapixel camera, andexpandable memory in addition to bluetooth and an also great display.However it's not a clamshell phone. *sigh* when will the perfect phoneappear.

Sony CybershotDSC-T7. 5.1megapixels, 2.5 inch LCD, 3x optical zoom and best of all, it's sexy!Although it does cost more (I think too much more) than similarofferings from other brands such as the Casio ExilimEx-S500.

The Sony PSP. *sigh* I can't sayanything - it's just a beauty! Unfortunately, although the unit ispriced reasonably, the cost of games for it right now is a bit too much*sigh*


I'll be having my first dutytomorrow at aclinic in a nearby town. Wish me Luck!
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