Sunday, October 9, 2005

A Truth About Lying

A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie...

I guess this is what some of you believe. Maybe its true or maybe not. I have rarely told a lie because of malicious intentions (Yes, i'm admitting I tell lies). Usually I lie to avoid explaining myself to others, or length conversations; for example:

YOU: are you ok?
ME: Yes! (instead of No!)


YOU: whom did you go out with?
ME: a classmate (instead of a friend)

See, I've avoided having a length conversation to explain why I feel a certain way or having to answer questions about where we met, how long have we known each other, where my friend lives, etc. etc.

But a lie is still a lie. Recently, the truth behind a lie I told about 5 years ago (to avoid lengthy conversations) surfaced. Although the impact of the revelation was not as bad as it would have been few years earlier, it still caused me a lot of stress.

There was a post on Parallel Universes about the brains of liars and I commented that the thing that's so complicated about telling a lie is that you have to make up other lies in order to backup the initial lie. It just goes on and on. Whereas, if you tell the truth it ends there. So I guess "the truth shall set me free" from having to make other lies.
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