Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get Well or Feel Better?

"...Sympathy and tact will often prove a greater benefit to the sick
than will the most skillful treatment given in a cold, indifferent way"
[Ellen White in Ministries on Health 244 (1905)]

This phrase made me think... when you go to a doctor, would you rather get well or feel better?

I've decided to start a poll to see which of the 2 doctors you would choose:

Dr. Gregory House - no bedside manners, humiliates his patients but always makes the right diagnosis and giver the proper treatment;

Dr. Patch Adams - treats his patient with compassion and makes them laugh. His methods are 'unconventional' because he adjusts to the 'level' of his patients.

Vote which doctor you prefer to consult with.

Link: Sympathy & Compassion in Medicine

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