Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mr. Pure Energy

Last Friday I chanced upon a album promotion by well-known local singer Gary Valenciano, called Mr. Pure Energy by his fans, because he is known not only for his singing but also for his non-stop dance moves during his concerts. He is one of the few singers here in the Philippines who has managed to remain popular despite changes in the trends and tastes when it comes to music.

Just for P250 ($5) I got his newest CD, was treated to a mini-concert where he sang (& danced) 5 songs and best of all where he made sure he autographed everyone's CD copy. Other singers/artists would have just autographed the 1st 50 copies but he happily signed about 200 - imagine signing your name 200 times and coming up with a short message for each!

What is more admirable about him is that he is an active Christian and he publicly acknowleges the blessings he has received from God in both his songs and his personal life. He is also a known diabetic for many years now and there was at least 1 occasion when he came close to death because of this disease. But his has not slowed him down. He continues to bless many lives both on and off the stage.

Here's a part of his song "Shout for Joy"

How do I begin to tell you 'bout this friend
Who's like no other
Ever since the day He walked into my life
He's been more than a brother
And everyday and every minute
There's a shower of love I feel
Something I used to just imagine
I tell you know it's all for real.
That's why I


Shout for joy
Sing His praises
Lift my voice unto the Lord
Shout for joy
Sing His praises
Lift my voice unto the Lord

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