Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best of November 2009

I've decided to compile a monthly list of the best posts I've read every month from my blogroll.

Kansas Bob's post about priorities and sometimes misplaced priorities inspired me to make my own post on the topic. I guess it's not as clear-cut as we think. Reyjr's How Personal Is Your Blog? also pushed me to react with a post of my own.

Bury Me In This Dress  raises some questions around the massacre in Maguindanao.

Meanwhile Discreet Manila's sentiments about the Commission on Election pretty much sums up what I feel about their playing the morality card on those wanting to secure political recognition. Pinoygossipboy had a lot of stories to tell but what caught my attention was the story of the mystery woman seen ni Pacquiao's car just after his interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

I though I'd loose one of my favorite blogs especially the 'Friday's for you' but I'm glad Layla is still Writing from the Inside Out - Again :D. I also love It's All a Matter of Perspective's newspaper approach although I don't think I can manage that style.

He's very young but has a lot going on alread - Kelvinonian Ideas really give a lot of tips and I love the Photoshop tutorial on how to get rid of pimples and smoothen skin. Calvin's hub, which I consider a tech hub gave very useful tips on using a camera in cold weather. And speaking of youth, Verum Peto's Inner Childhood reminds us to continue to enjoy the simple things.

Tristan Tales shows how to celebrate Thanksgiving wish I could do the same hehe while The McVie Show's version of Star Wars had me laughing out loud. Although it couldn't top the return of Bernadette who went on a 3-year hiatus. I guess most of you won't be able to understand his stories but it's really your loss :p

The story of the Missing Piece and the Big O is one I really recommend on Life, Love and Lust. It really hits home.

It seems like Beki has been bitten by the love bug, Congrats :D and also to CC who has had many accomplishments, I envy you :D. As for World Peace, Rudeboy's video link shows that not every one is ready for peace hehe. Not everything is about being happy. The Cat Loves Curiosity's ongoing story reminds me that sometimes things doesn't work the way we expected it to. But we learn, and we cope.

Celebrity Doc Zorlone's poem "Crossroads" also remind me that choices are never easy. And if you ever wondered if Farmville causes addiction, just check out Writing to Exhale and find out if he's in withdrawal already :D

If I've skipped some blogs in my list, I apologize. This is the first month I'm doing this and I'll be more critical next month :D thank you for allowing me to read.
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