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Have you ever met someone or seen someone (even a person you don’t know) whose very presence, even without talking, seems to brighten the room? or someone whom, when present, makes you feel gloomy even if your day has been going great? This is what some may call an “aura”.

I came across an interesting article by Arlene Taylor, a licensed brain-function specialist in the May-June 2009 issue of Health and Home magazine. According to her our body has its own magnetic field.

28_03_Earth_magnetic_field A magnetic field is defined as a region around a magnetic material or a moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts. The North and South Poles have the strongest electromagnetic activity and their interaction results in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Science says that this magnetic field is responsible for many things on earth - from the pointing of the compass to north, migration of birds across thousands of miles, the seasons, weather, and many other things. They also say that even a slight change in the magnetic field of the Earth would cause major, if not catastrophic changes.

When 2 or more magnetic fields come in contact with each other, there is an interaction - either one or both could become stronger or weaken, they could cancel each other out, or nothing at all could happen.

aura[1]"...Think of your body as an electromagnetic field. It both produces and absorbs electromagnetic energy..."

The author’s findings aren’t hard to believe. Our bodies every movement and sensation is carried by electrical signals via our nerves and her finding that our brains form a prominent magnetic field. This is expected since it is the center of all action and sensation - most electrical activity in short. She also noted that the magnetic field formed by our body is not the same. It is constantly changing, depending on what we are feeling (presumably because feelings cause different ranges of electrical activity in the body). And not only that, like the magnetic fields of the planets and other celestial bodies, the magnetic fields formed by our bodies interact with the magnetic fields of other people causing changes to one or both fields.

She also noted that the magnetic fields of different persons are of different strengths and are constantly changing.

But there was another interesting discovery. She found out that the brain isn’t the strongest contributor to the body’s magnetic field. Her research showed that the heart is a much stronger contributor.

"...of the two, the heart is by far the largest generator of electromagnetic energy its magnetic field is 5000 times greated than the brain's... the heart's EM field extends beyond your body, up to 12 or 15 feet. It carries information about your emotional state to people around you..."

So the magnetic field or “aura” of a person is a result of the interactions of the electrical activity of the brain and the much stronger field of the heart, just like the Earth’s magnetic field is formed by interactions of the South and stronger North Poles.

Everytime we come in range of the “aura” of another person, there is always an interaction - maybe we interpret this interaction as our “impression” of that person, whether we feel comfortable, suspicious, hostile, or friendly; or maybe even if we suddenly feel happy, sad, excited... it is a very complex interaction.

"...Studies have shown that your inner thoughts, feelings, and impressions directly impact your electromagnetic energy... if your emotional state is appreciative and affirming, you have the potential of positively impacting the environment around you..."

Some of us may even have an “aura” strong enough to fill a whole room while some may only affect those with whom they are physically close to. The point is that our very presence has an effect on others and theirs has an effect on us.

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