Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Keep Going Back to Boracay :D

Boracay island is famous for it’s beaches, one of the best in the Philippines and maybe the world. I was pushing to go there for one of our family Christmas vacations and finally we decided to go there this 2009. It’s located about 1 hour away by plane from Metro Manila.


The whole December it had been sunny but the day we left it was showering! and on arriving in Kalibo, the ground was still wet because it had been raining the previous day and night. I was worried. Rainy weather would ruin this part of our trip.


We had to take the Kalibo route since the Caticlan airport was closed when we purchased the tickets 3 months ago. From Kalibo, it was a 2-hour van ride

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and a 10-minute small boat ride.

bangka and we were there…

4225298712_b7023951a2_o[1] I guess the best compliment about Boracay i’ve heard was from my mom. She’s the type who’s restless doing nothing and when she asked what was there to do in Boracay, I told her “Nothing, just relax and stroll” and she said she didn’t think she’d enjoy it there. I didn’t expect her to enjoy the stay there either. But turned out she was the one who complained that we only got to swim in the sea once and said that NEXT time… I guess she was seduced by the place, too.

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