Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Listen To Your Gut

Gut feeling, gut instinct, gut, intuition, conscience, small voice, or even the Holy Spirit - call it what you want but we can't deny that there are times when we have this feeling that something is wrong (most of the time) or right. I've had my gut warn me... well actually made me feel that what I was planning wasn't such a good idea. Most of those times I didn't listen and regretted it. [read one explanation of gut feelings]

Every instance I recall being told something it was about the timing of plans of going somewhere. Often I've ignored it and ended up with all sorts of misfortune like loosing stuff, not having a good time, etc.

Just this weekend it happened again. I planned to go out in the afternoon and buy some stuff for an upcoming trip. But when I woke up the morning of that day, I had this 'feeling' to move my plan to following day instead. I almost listened but instead just moved it to a later time in the evening. BIG mistake.

The whole evening was a mess. Tempers (mostly mine) flared and what would have been a great evening christmas shopping became a stressful waste of time. I have this feeling that I missed out on something good because I didn't follow my gut.

I'm reminding myself again - pay attention and listen to my gut feeling because I never know when it'll speak up.

Have you had similar experiences?

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