Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keeping It Personal

A fellow blogger recently posted “How personal Is Your Blog?” I take it that this means how much of myself I reveal in my blog. That really got me thinking. The reason I started blogging was because I wanted to be able to tell things the way I perceived them, to be able to talk about anything (including myself) without fear of being judged.  Another blogger friend recently moved her blog address in case her future employers would try to learn more about her via her blog. I guess Freedom of Speech, like all other freedoms, has it’s consequences…

Is my blog personal? It was easy at the start, when there were only a few readers and it helped that I didn’t use my real name. But there was also this part of me that wanted people I knew to read what I wrote. Slowly I spread word of my blog and eventually a few people who know me personally read it from time to time.

But I can’t have it both ways - being able to talk/write freely and letting people know what I’m writing. If you look at my previous posts, yes, this is a very personal blog. I think along the way I have made it very clear whatever it was that I really wanted to say.



But today, it’s not as clear-cut. While I can still write what I want to, I’m already a bit wary of the words I use because I may end up offending someone. At times I write in a vague manner so that it would be easy to get out of tight situations if I’m confronted by someone I have pissed off.

But what’s the use of blogging if we can’t be personal? The reason I blog is to be able to tell MY story in my OWN words. If conscience dictates my words too much then that isn’t my story.

This is my chance to let others see life through my eyes. Unfortunately not everyone is subjective enough understand that people have different perspectives on the same thing and may judge me for what I write down.

But I hope that all the bloggers I follow continue to write from their hearts. I think that’s the reason I chose to follow them, because they offer different perspective on things. Yes this IS personal.

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