Monday, November 9, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Laptop BackPack

Actually I already found it at the Travel Club shop in SM North, but at the price of $140+ I’m pretending I didn’t find it… so the search goes on.

Since I inherited my dad’s laptop, I’ve been bringing it along most of the time. The laptop itself isn’t heavy but add the power cables, USB drive, external harddisk, USB broadband modem, cellphone chargers… you get the idea. I have a backpack but it just isn’t very ergonomic or comfortable to use for long walks.

So I’ve been obsessing with finding a laptop backpack that will bring and end to back and shoulder pains and which hopefully at the same time won’t become a pain in my pocket. I guess if money wasn’t an issue I wouldn’t be posting about this.

Well I’ve narrowed my choice down to 2. I just loved the Euro Pack backpack I found in SM North’s Department store but (1) the display model was the last one and (2) it was $56 scrooge! of course my back wasn’t hurting yet so I passed that by and regretted it once I got home and felt the backpains

I found another good choice. This time from Samsonite (unfortunately the model isn’t in their website). It’s bright red (yey!) and $54 *sigh* . I was still hoping for a cheaper one.

So I spent a whole 2 hours thinking and rethinking which one I should buy… The Euro Pack had better functionality and seemed to be as good (even better) quality as the Samsonite. Then I found out that Euro Pack was a local brand Whaaaaaaaat! I don’t mean to put down locally made products but the $56 was it’s sale price down from $80! whaaaat! I mean c’mmon! I thought it was made in a European Country *sigh* I really like the way it’s made.just an idea :D

As for Samsonite… well it’s Samsonite.

Of course the real question is, am I willing to part with $50+ considering that Christmas is just around the corner and I may have other things I need to buy.

Seems like I’ll be having back pains till the end of this year. :D

If you’re having a hard time thinking of what to get me let make it easier… I want THIS or a great fully-padded ergonomic smallest size backpack that can fit a 13-inch laptop :D

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