Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Review (MR): 2012

I like movies that don't require me to use my brain :D Just pure simple entertainment and no mental activity.

2012. Plot is simple: earth undergoes interior decorating, most earthlings die. That's exactly what you get. Those who want something with more depth will find their intelligence insulted by this movie.


Visual effects are great. They tried to also show the disaster from a personal perspective like War of the Worlds and that's where it falls short for me. I mean acting wasn't that good. If there was a bit more drama it would have been a great movie but the actors couldn't pull it off (Dakota Fanning was busy shooting New Moon). Somehow there was more drama in Transformers2 amidst the explosions and metal wreckage (loved this movie, pure testosterone).

My other complaint is, in Independence Day, the director, Roland Emmerich didn't send an alien ship to hover over Malacanang Palace,


and in 2012 he didn't even show the sinking of our city... He could have just used the recent footage from the recent typhoons :p and saved millions of shooting costs.

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