Friday, November 13, 2009

Blog Renovation

Last Saturday, I decided to apply the finishing touches to my blog template. If I knew then of the headaches it would cause, I wouldn’t have started it. Here are the changes:

This includes the decorated columns on both sides. Somehow the source file was missing when I first used this template from Bloggerstyles. Fortunately I came across it. It took me a whole night to fix this. It turns out that that Flickr and Photobucket offers the file only in resized versions and not the original if it’s more than 1024 x 768. I used Skydrive instead to host the file (and yet Internet Explorer refuses to display it).


I got this idea from another template on Bloggerstyles and copied the code. Thankfully it wasn’t that hard to integrate.


My one complaint about Blogger’s commenting system is that I didn’t get any notice if there was a follow up to my comment. Disqus solves that problem, at least on my blog. Have no idea what to do about my comments on your blogs. Subscribing to them all is not an option. Integrating disqus wasn’t hard. What drove me crazy was:

getting the comment counter to reflex the comments on disqus. It took another several hours. I got it finally! but I don’t know how to increase the font size of the “#” of comments. Just the “#” HELP!


So there’s the Recent Posts with thumbnails, and the Google Friend Connect (add me :D). Many gadgets offered by blogger ends up with black text on the dark background so you can’t see them. I don’t know how to change the colors of texts in gadgets.

And one of my favorite sidebar items, which I shameless took from Bulagspot is the Blogumus, a 3D rotating cloud of all my labels :D  I just couldn’t resist the rotating swirl of words haha. well I hope he doesn’t mind.




Last but my favorite… and another pirated idea waaaaah! this time from The McVie Show I really find it calming to hear the chimes once in a while that’s why I couldn’t help but copy his idea. Anyway its from a Japanese website but the HTML code is in English :D

I also discovered that the title of each post should only be one line. If not the date and comment # would move out of position. I’m not really good at HTML and I’ve never liked programming but it was a desperate situation.

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