Saturday, September 12, 2009

Professional Competition

I feel insecure all of a sudden. Somehow I’ve never felt that confident in my abilities as a doctor. I think I’m always on the defensive since most of the time, first-time patients are hesitant to come to me for consult. I guess it has to do more with my appearance (I don’t really look my age and I don’t dress my age either).

Then there’s this guy who goes to the same church I do. We have the same premed course, except that he topped his Licensure exams and he’s now in the top medical schools of the country. It doesn’t help that he looks like what a doctor should look like already.

In a few years he’ll be a licensed MD and it’s a given that people will be more confident going to him.

…and it doesn’t help that he has a great personality and is a good singer.


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