Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Next Tuesday will be the Career Week of the high school I went to. I was again requested to give a short talk (30 minutes) about my chosen profession. This is not the first time. I was also one of the speakers 2 years ago (if I recall correctly).

I didn’t expect to receive an invitation after that first time. That time I gave the students the reality of being a doctor: no sleep, no food, no holidays, no days off, no social life, no time, and no money (compared to other professions) - in short, NO LIFE. I guess I wanted them to see beyond the stereotyping of this profession and be absolutely sure they want to become a doctor.

However, I failed to tell them the positive aspects and blessings of entering into this profession. This is what I intend to do this coming Tuesday. I’ll try to make a post of my short promotion once I’m done.

I’m open to suggestions on what to tell them. So far I’ve been thinking about the traits a person should have to become a good doctor. Any other suggestions?
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