Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Intersections & Detours

Life is full of intersections and detours  and sometimes it's only by looking back that we can point out exactly when that wrong turn took place or when you correctly chose the right direction. I now realize some things - some were choices, some were events, some were people - that would determine what I am now.

It would be easy to feel regret over somethings I have done but the truth is, it was impossible at that time to determine which was the right thing to do.

Would life be better if I could predict how a certain decision would affect my life? Like if I stayed home on a particular night instead of going out or if I logged on to the Net at this hour instead of that...

I've had my share of intersections, detours and sometimes dead ends. We don't have the benefit of having a bird's-eye-view of the road/s ahead. I guess that's the reality of living - not knowing where we will end up but still hoping for the best just the same (and making the best of what we end up with).

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