Wednesday, December 6, 2006


I guess I already was different from the start. Whether it was because of something in my DNA or some event in childhood, I really do not know.

In grade school, I was a goody-two-shoes nerdy kid. My parents taught me about good values and I was a very good student. I studied hard, went to church regularly, memorized my memory verses, went straight home after classes... etc., etc. I wasn't exposed to the 'outside' world. Television programs were regulated (my dad really hates soap operas). The only thing I knew about the 3rd sex was that they were those boys who acted like girls and were often the subject of jokes and teasing. I, definitely, wasn't one of them.

I wasn't into sports. I guess it was because we didn't have easy access to sports facilities in my neighborhood. My parents also seemed to prioritize other talents such as playing the piano, public speaking, singing and the like (I don't blame them).

Psychology says that during the grade school years, boys hang out with boys and girls with girls, and they hate the other sex. However I recall that I was more often in the company of my girl classmates - maybe because I didn't like playing basketball, or sipa (local game).

And one more thing - I don't really recall but a former classmate pointed it out to me when I was already in college - It turns out that even if I wasn't really a sociable kid, I always had a 'buddy' - A classmate with whom I always went with, sat beside in the classroom, had recess with... and that 'buddy' was always a guy.

Were these hints of who I was? Maybe, but at that time it seemed perfectly normal.

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