Saturday, December 9, 2006

Back to the Scene

I wish I was straight!... hahaha... well, I actually do... hmmm.... no I don't... uhhh... I'm attending a party of sorts in an attempt to rescue my social life from the brink of extinction.

I can't remember that last time I've gone out to meet new people. I'm not exactly an outgoing, sociable creature... I'm more of a wallflower at parties, except I desperately want the attention but not stupid enough to wear a butt hugging, latex costume and 'meow' just to get it (some people there actually do that).

Dammit! I'm tense! and I'm not even going there in the hope of hooking up with someone - which is the reason 99% of the people are attending - I just need to expand my social circle and feed my ego.

I envy guys who look good in just about anything or nothing at all (hehehe). "The clothes make the man" they say, well, if that's true I'll need a lot more clothes to cover me up.

I still have to make sure my hair stays in place, my face isn't shining (oiliness IS next to ugliness), my teeth are perfectly white, my breath is fresh, I smell good, nails are clean, and clothes (oh please let there be a miracle) flatter me and make me look at lot better than I see myself in the mirror.

I seem to have lost my sense of humor! Wits, don't fail me now.

Dang! I wish I was straight! (NOT!)

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