Monday, December 4, 2006

Coming Out Clean

My life isn't bad. I come from a middle class family. We are not rich but my parents managed to provide for everything I need and some things I want. I have a good educational background and had just recently obtained a degree in the medical field.

I'm gay (No, I don't feel like I'm a girl or am a female trapped in a man's body. I'm a guy (and I like being one). It's just that I simply fall (in love or lust) after other guys).

There I've said it! I should have said it when I started blogging last year. It would have been such a relief to be able to tell the world (at least the part that doesn't know me until now) about the REAL me. I started to blog because I saw it as a way to be free from all pretentions. But during that first year of blogging, before I knew it, I turned my blogging world into a replica of my real world - where I had to watch every word I wrote instead of being able to just pour myself out.

It's time to set things straight (well you know what I mean).

This is my story...

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