Friday, September 12, 2008


in September of 2005, I went on vacation to one of the best beaches in this country. It seemed like a dream - the perfect place, and with my then special someone.

Willy's Rock
First Sunset
Crystal Cove
North Beach
South Beach
Last Sunset

This September 14 - 16, I'll be going back again. This time i'll be meeting and spending that time with my recent X (not the one I was with before), the one who treated me the way I've always wanted and the reason I'm having difficulty moving on.

I have to find out again why I let go. I dunno what to expect. I need closure because everything was great but I had to let go then.

I'm hoping that the magical effect that was there 3 years ago, is still in that place. Then I'll to move on.

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