Friday, November 30, 2007

Here We Go Again

2003 - then Lt. Antonio Trillanes IV took control of Oakwood Premiere Ayala Centre Hotel in Makati City, the financial capital of the Philippines. He was allegedly frustrated with the way the Philippine Government took (no) care of their own armed forces - inadequate equipment, inappropriate training, and poor compensation. After negotiations, the "Oakwood Mutiny" ended peacefully.

2007 - despite still ongoing court hearings because of his role in the "Oakwood Mutiny" Trillanes was allowed to run for a position in the Philippine Senate - he won.

November 29, 2007 - during one of the court hearings, Trillanes and his men suddenly walked-out of the courtroom and soon walked into the Manila Peninsula Hotel, just a few meters away from Oakwood and setup a "control center" there.

This latest incident, although had more action - teargas was used, ended up peacefully a few hours later.

Maybe he'll run for president in 2010...

As for now we have a 12mn-5am curfew as a security precaution.

It's either we Filipinos have a very short memory, or are just very forgiving people.
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