Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Love

I should have been wrote about this long ago but I could never get past the first paragraph. I hope I get to finish this time.

I finally managed to move on after falling for my best friend. But it took me quite a number of years till I found a special someone. I think it was 3 years. Not that I think about it, I really must have been ugly to take so long to get someone. It wasn't as if I didn't go out - I didn't go to bars or other night spots, but thanks to the internet, especially MIRC, i managed to hook up with others few times a week.

It just happened that one of the persons I met up with brought a long his best friend. I guess it was love-at-first site for me - but that's always the case with me. Anyway the person I met up with wanted to go to bars which wasn't something I enjoyed, and fortunately his best friend didn't want to go either. So we just say in the van and got to know each other. I'm not sure if other people like me go through the whole dating and courtship stage... it's never happened to me... So after 3 days we were officially "partners".

We lasted about 4 months - I think he tried to make "us" work - but I guess he had someone else in mind. Anyway, my course that time required me to go out of town for a month-long internship. When I came back things were different and I didn't see him again for another 3 months. He said he was busy with his feasibility study. What really hurt that time was
not knowing where I stood with him. I'd rather hear it out loud then be left in limbo.

Anyway that was the first of my relationships. I'll try to post about those that followed, too.

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