Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm a fan of thriller/suspense films but i'm the type who keeps his fingers over his eyes througout the film :) But when it comes to locally produced movies (which you have to drag me to watch) i usually spend the whole screening time critizing the bad acting, bad makeup, bad sound effects and ridiculous story.

The movie "Sukob" turned out to be a nice surprise. For once, I actually got 'thrilled' a couple of times while watching a locally made movie - and the acting and story wasn't bad at all and i can't recall hearing the sound effects typical of past horror movies I've seen. The movie is about a Filipino belief that getting married less than a year after the death OR marriage of an immediate family member would bring bad luck. "Sukob" is the curse on the newly weds.

I think the story is quite original (which is RARE for a local film) and i thought the "ghost" in the movie was original too until it got tired of being original and did a "Sadako" (from the Japanese movie 'Ring) entrance. Oh, well, at least that was towards the end of the movie. Been quite a while since I enjoyed a proudly Philippine made movie (last one was Tanging Ina).

PS: I slept with the lights turned on last night ... i wonder how i'll do tonight hahaha!
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