Friday, November 11, 2005

Boracay: The North Beach

It was already nearing lunch time when I left the Butterfly Farm. The sun was high in the sky and there was only one thing that could fight the heat - a very cold shake. I heard that Jonah's restaurant at the northern portion of Boracay was famous for their shakes especially the banana peanut butter shake (rightmost).

Well, I'm not really a good food critic but it was too creamy for me. I prefer the fresh mango shake a Sheena's Seafood Restaurant near D'Mall.

I had lunch at Jonah's and despite that heat of the day decided to explore the northern end of Boracay. This portion is where most of the high-end resorts are located: Pearl of the Pacific, Fridays, etc. The expanse of the beach is at its widest here and the sand felt even finer here.

At the very northern end of the White Beach is a paved narrow path that works it's way below the low cliff marking the northern edge. If you recall, I opted to go barefoot because of blisters on my toes and this was one of the rare occasions I regretted doing that - the pavement was HOT! I saw this parent and child along this path:

On the way back, I met a local celebrity - Dyango. The only thing this Labrador loves for than the sea is playing fetch - whether on the beach or in the water. I watched him swimming for 15 minutes straight! between 2 groups of kids throwing a ball.

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