Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Boracay: The (Green) South Beach

I have a bit of obsessive-compulsiveness in me. Since I had reached the northern end of Boracay, I was determined to reach the southern part too. At 10am the following day, I started walking towards the southern portion of the White Beach. It proved to me more than a 2 kilometer walk and I got a bit tired of seeing the white sand, blue ocean, and blue sky and wisps of white clouds.

It was a pleasant surprise, on the southern half, to find something new - grass, green grass :) It seemed this was the only place along the 4km stretch of white beach where grass could be found.


It was already noon when I reached the southern end. Here I found another resort that I think I would like to stay in (if ever I could afford it (",) - Lorenzo South.

I think I was the only one on the island who dared to walk under the noontime sun. It was scorching hot! What I needed was an ice-cold fruit shake. Luckily I can across this bar. Unfortunately, all they had was soda, but hey, at least it was a photogenic place hehehe

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