Tuesday, September 13, 2005

License Renewal

Today, I'm blogging from Araneta Center, Cubao. I'm here because I'm renewing my driver's license. Previously, in order to renew a driver's license, you had to go to the government's Land Transportation Offices (LTO). These were often found in inconvenient locations, without airconditioning which meant sweaty hours of waiting. Fortunately, the LTO has started putting up sattelite offices just for renewing of licenses.

The one i'm in right now is located in a mall (Farmer's Market) here in
Araneta Center. Another one i know off is in the Ayala MRT Station near Glorietta Mall. Both are airconditioned and it'll take you just 1-2 hours to get your renewed license as long as you don't come in just before lunch break (12 - 1 pm) or if there are really many customers. Although, if you do come in and get caught in their lunch break, you can just stroll in the malls and come back after 1 hour.

Another plus is that the office here in
Araneta Center is open till 7pm. This is a very thoughtful improvement since many people are in the office until 5pm. Now, instead of being absent from your job, you can come in after office hours.

It's nice to find something good to say about the government once in a while.
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