Friday, September 2, 2005

Chapter Closed...'s to a new one!

I feel as if i'm starting out anew. These past 3 months (since my internship ended and i started reviewing) have been great. It was a kinda minor spiritual revival for me. I have received so much blessings. I'm grateful to God, my parents, and to you (you know who you are). They have been my inspiration and main source of support.

But blogging here has been a blessing too. It has served as an outlet of my stress, tension, and frustrations as well as my happier moments. Thanks to Hazel (sana hindi ako mapahiya sa book), Haydee (God bless sa teaching career), & Ver (wag mo limutan si Naruto!!!) for introducing me to Blogger and for reading my posts. Thanks to Dr. Emer for making me see that i won't have to give up my love of the internet and computers as I continue in the medical field. And thank you DayByDay4-2Day for sharing your story/ies - they have had an impact.

May God bless you all and also everyone else who has passed by this blog! May we all have more great stories to tell!

hehehe parang nanalo ako sa beauty contest!
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