Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1 per 10T-26T

... that's what an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer stated is the ratio of doctors to patients in the Philippines. "Brain Drain Now National 'Hemorrhage'" The exodus of doctors and nurses to other countries such as the United States is not new news. With the offers higher pay and better working hours who can blame them?

Given the chance, I would head abroad immediately and not turn back. Yes, medicine is a profession of service but self-preservation is an instinct. It sounds selfish but somehow I can't see myself passing up the opportunity to work abroad.

My mom always said that doctors won't always be rich but they will never go hungry.
But I'm practical. I don't have the opportunity to work overseas just yet. But I'd be lying if I'd say i didn't want to.

"...the government should work to adequately compensate doctors and nurses. In the South African country of Namibia, the alliance said a junior physician earned $1,161 monthly while a Filipino counterpart here had a salary of between $300 and $400. {Philippine Daily Inquirer Sept 21, 2005}"
Money isn't everything! But it certainly gives a hell of a big argument!
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