Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day 1: The Coolest Wins!

What a day! And I still have 3 more days like this coming up.

It started fairly well. I got into a taxi around 5:30am after staying up all night, but I didn't feel sleepy. I was too... hmmm… excited to feel sleepy. I arrived at EARIST around 6:00am. There were already a lot of examinees there. I guess that was when reality started to sink in. My heart started pounding.

It felt like some form of psychological war was going on. Many appeared to project themselves as totally calm and cool. That made me feel all the more tense about the test. Of course I had to retaliate! I never did bring out my reviewers (nothing would get in my brain anyway) in between subjects. I just played with my cellphone and talked with those I knew.

The exams started around 8am. Biochem was up first. I was too tense to focus on the questions at first. When I finally managed to calm down I realized that I had no idea what the answers were! It was the first subject (out of 12!) and it just had to be like this! Post-exam conversations made me feel even worse. And there was nothing I could do about it except pretend I was totally at ease.

Anatomy was next. I think it rather went smoothly. The last subject was Microbiolgy. It was already around 2pm and my adrenaline was running out. I found myself dozing off several times while reading the questions. Micro was midway between Biochem (groan!) and Anatomy (small smile).

But by the time I got home, my adrenaline was of the rise again. I was ready this time - Midazolam! - of course although it gave me 2 hours of sleep, it also gave me a hangover. I can't walk straight and can't think straight, I can't ttsype sstrsaigfht. :)

That's enough studying for me! I'll just sleep tonight. After Biochemistry, I have nothing to loose tomorrow. Bring it On!
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