Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ad: The Sword of Truth

I’d like to introduce you to the fantasy series that has really captured my imagination during the past years – The Sword of Truth.

The author, Terry Goodkind, has this talent for making reading so easy. It’s like watching a movie. You don’t have to read-STOP-imagine- read-STOP-think-imagine- read-STOP-recall-imagine..... The story just flows (No He isn’t paying me). The image just appears in your head (in color!).

Try picking up book 1: Wizards First Rule (don’t start anywhere else) , and get to know Richard Cypher/_____, Kahlan Amnel, Zed, Cara the Mordsith, Sister Verna and all the other characters. I first read this when I was in 1st year college and I can still recall the sequence of events and their details. I read Da Vinci Code last year – It was great - But now all I can recall is the general plot and how it started and ended. Everything in between is a blur. I don't even know the name of the main character!

If you don’t like fantasy books, this might change your mind (come to think of it, maybe Mr. Goodkind has to pay me after all hahaha!).
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