Monday, August 22, 2005

Calm in the 'Eye'

I'm now in the eye of the storm. This is the update to Weather Forecast: Licensure Exams 2002 (Part I). Weather patterns were totally unpredictable. This may have been due to a shift in the axis of the moon hahaha! The previous 2 days have shifted my predictions of the weather this coming September (It's impossible to be accurate). Here is my understanding of what happened (conservative estimation):
  • Surprisingly, my body systems are functioning at about 75% of normal and are still capable of handling the stormy weather this coming week.;
  • Although I didn't loose any body parts, my muscles and limbs at capable of exerting only 64 % of their total strength due to exhaustive preparations made for the bad weather.
  • Microscopic examination of my brain showed that 60% of my neurons were swelling due to working too hard. Fortunately no signs of ischemia was seen
  • My immune system has managed to defeat 55% of opportunistic bacteria and viruses that managed to pass through my physical barriers. Hopefully, they'll manage to prevent me from getting sick once I catch up on sleep.
  • Unfortunately only 40% of the enzymes in my body are functioning right now. This is an unexpected turn of events and how it will affect the big picture is still not known.
  • thankfully, 68% of legal impediments to my posting of the next forecast have been settled and the remaining complainants have agreed to settle out of court.
By next week, the big picture should be clear and the weather for the next 6 months can be accurately forecasted. I'm still praying it will turn out to be sunny with blue skies. For a summary you can view Difficulty Level I on the other channel.
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