Sunday, November 6, 2011


It was around 9pm and I was heading home after watching a movie. It was a bit of a movie date that wasn't bad but just felt... Lacking. I had been at work the whole day so was a bit tires and I decided to take a taxi home. I was lost in thought while waiting for the specific taxi line that wouldn't mind going to my place (taxi drivers here are choosy). After maybe 30min I finally got to flag one down.

Like I said, I was deep in thought and it was maybe after 10mins that I got a look at the driver. He was cute (just when I least expected it). Maybe it was the frustration or stress of work that made me foolhardy enough to try and flirt with him :) anyway, i started small talk...

The easiest topic I could think of was to ask about his work (one of my ambitions is to become a taxi driver. Don't ask). He said he drove for 24hrs every other day and since he had insomia, this job made good use of it.

I guess he assumed that I worked at an office because of my clothes. He asked me,
"how much do you earn in a month?"

I answered honestly to that.

He said, "i make that much in one week." and then added, "you could apply as a taxi driver at our office."


(and as for the flirting part - where was traffic when it was needed!)
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