Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the first 6 months

It has been already a bit more than 6 months since I started my residency training. I wish I could say that it was not as bad as I expected.But it's exactly as I expected. The time constraints are getting to me and the additional activities not directly related to the training are getting on my nerves.

Just the fact that my co-residents are all women, married, with kids makes my own concerns seem small in comparison. How can I argue with a request for me to go on duty on a Sunday because it's a son or daughter's birthday, the only time to attend to wedding plans, etc. etc.?

Ask me what I know so far - not enough. I should know a lot more by now but I'm not focused. I've never been disciplined enough to study a few hours every day. Whatever amount of free time to myself gets wasted on mundane things like sleep and looking for dates.

What bothers me is that I don't have anything good to say about what I'm in right now. It's not that I'm in over my head. It's just that my perspective is somewhat skewed.

I need something to balance the stress. Maybe someone will do.
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