Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vampire Love

In the world of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, vampires are passionate creatures that are always in love (although in a twisted sort of way). Usually it is a human who draws their affection. As supernatural beings, vampires have the ability to read the thoughts and even feelings of humans and this intensifies the bond between the vampire and his human love. But when mortality catches up, either by sickness, injury, or old age, the vampire is faced with the hard choice of loosing the one he loves or to make his lover a vampire, an immortal. The irony here is that in “making” a vampire, the maker looses the ability to see the thoughts of his offspring and more ironic, the newly made vampire will almost always despise his maker for taking away his humanity.

In a way it somehow mirrors reality. While dating someone whom I share mutual attraction with,the feelings are intense. Even simple conversations take a life of their own. But the real test comes when commitment steps in. All of a sudden, there are things you cannot talk about, things you cannot share (for one reason or another) because it might cause misunderstandings.

Ironic how we sometimes can be completely honest with strangers and keep secrets from people close to us.
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