Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It really wasn't my day. Out of the 4 months I've been in training, this was the first time I was late for work. For some reason the traffic was unusually heavy and what was usually a 15-minute commute became 45 minutes.

It didn't help that I was particularly irritable today. I happen to be the only guy :p in the department and I have to say that when males are the minority, expect the workplace to have a bit more tense atmosphere. It has a lot to do with the FACT that women expect a lot more but explain a lot less - when they tell you to do something, they leave out certain instructions that they EXPECT you to already anticipate. And when you fail to do what was "expected" they have a way of making you feel ashamed for not having thought of it.

Maybe it's not my nature to ask others to do tasks. And maybe women are natural leaders because it seems 2nd nature for them to "delegate" tasks to those around them. In fact, they don't run out of tasks to do, nor do they run out of tasks to do for people around them.

It just wasn't my day.
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