Friday, July 31, 2009

Words Not Allowed

I’m the type of person whom when I get mad or irritated at someone, I can’t seem to get it out of my system immediately. If the person I’m at odds with talks and tries to explain reason out, I reason back; If he keeps quiet, I start fuming inside. It’s usually a lose-lose situation once I get mad.

I’ve been going out with someone for the past 3 months. We seem to have the same temper. Not really that easily triggered, but when it does… there goes the rest of the day.

It seems he’s found a way to calm me down. It’s happened twice and has had the same effect. He just sits there and says nothing while I fume inside either with anger or regret, then just takes and holds my hand.


It doesn’t matter if we’re still both mad, or angry; nor does it matter if the problems hasn’t been solved. What matters to me is that the gesture means that “no matter what is happening right now, things will be alright between the two of us.”

And just like that, whatever negative feelings I have just fizzes out. (Somehow it doesn’t work the same way. if I’m the one who grabs his hand)

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