Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Undeserved Gratitude

She was in her 70's, still strong. She came in because of dizziness for the past 3 days. Her blood pressure was 170/90.

She was hard of hearing. I short of patience.

I got irritated having to shout out everything I had to say. And still there were times she didn't understand what I was saying.

When it was time to collect my compensation, she didn't have enough for the consultation fee, and she still wanted to get some pills that would relieve her of her discomfort.

I got tired shouting my explanation that she didn't have enough. I was exasperated to the point that I refused to accept the money she had just to make her leave. I also told her that I didn't have the medicine she needed (i lied).

A few minutes later she was back. She had bought the medicine and wanted to make sure they were the right ones. They were. But they were 2x more expensive than what I had in stock which I could have sold to her.

She thanked me and insisted that I accept even a small amount for my services. I refused. She thanked me again and left.

I then realized. I would have earned a bit had I sold her the medicine I had in-stock.

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