Sunday, April 19, 2009

What’s Wrong Now!

I have this pet peeve – I don’t like answering voice calls on my cellphone. Yes, I’m a text/SMS addict and I’d reply to almost any text message no matter how unimportant it is… but voice calls is another thing. If it’s really important, I expect that an unanswered voice call to be would be followed by an SMS message telling me to pick up… if it isn’t, then I don’t think the caller has anything important to say.

Anyway, today we were supposed to play badminton with my friends, which we occasionally have done. The difference is that they changed the venue… and didn’t bother to give directions.

Oh, I kept sending messages to those who were going asking for directions but no one texted back… so after waiting 45minutes in playing attire and equipment at a mall, i decided to meet up with a friend who was on a date (of course I checked if I was welcome to join them).

… and for the first time, I was happy for a friend who is inlove WITHOUT feeling a bit envious or sorry for myself. It doesn’t sound that big a deal, but this is the first time I’ve felt one WITHOUT feeling the other…

…and it bothers me! IT REALLY BOTHERS ME!

Have I accepted the fact that I may not find another ‘right’ person? or… I can’t think of any other reason why I don’t feel envious or depressed (along with being happy for my friend.

What’s wrong with me this time?!

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