Friday, April 24, 2009

Intellectualizing Love

Disclaimer: everything in this post is just my own opinion. I am open to comments (even violent ones) but I’m not claiming that what I wrote down is fact… it’s just my perspective on the subject.

thinking in love “Love is blind”, is a phrase many would disagree with, and many would agree with after thinking about it. I for one have never accepted the proposition that Love is more than a feeling. In fact, when someone says, “he has to think if he is in love with someone”, i automatically think that he has fallen out of love.

That’s why for me, love cannot be defined because it just is. When one stops to think why he or she is in love, or if he or she is in love, then there’s nothing to think about. It’s not love.

It’s felt. You know it, maybe for some it’s immediate, for some it takes time to appear… but you never ever have to think if it’s already there in you. It just is… or isn’t.

I tried searching for “Intellectualizing Love” on the net and found this article: The Four Immeasurable States, from a Buddhist Library… Here are some of what it says about Love:

“Love so often is the name we give to a euphoric state which perpetuates our habitual lack of genuineness, or authenticity.”

“Intellectualizing the love we think we feel loses touch with it.”

“Love is of the heart. It manifests in the level of intuition rather than intellect. You don't need to interpret, or make judgments, or give yourself a part in a soap opera version of your own life. The heart directly experiences love.”

“Intellectualizing love creates such confusion you know longer no whether you love the person or hate him. You can no longer differentiate. Then, even when the relationship begins to break up you are still attached, still clinging to how it used to be in the past, still hoping it can magically come good again.”

Love can’t be thought about or rationalized. It can only be experienced.

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