Friday, April 25, 2008


Barbara said that it's human nature to want what other's have... then I'm VERY, VERY human! I came across this video on youtube. Instead of going "awwwww", "how cute", "i'm happy for them"... this turned out to be the most depressing video i've seen:

I've been to exactly 2 of those same places where those pictures where taken. I was there with someone special, too. But it wasn't the same... what that video showed, i felt... but somehow it wasn't mutual.

I want what they have; what they share; the friends with whom they could be themselves enough to have their pictures taken like that; to have feelings reciprocated...

...and it's just purely coincidence that my ipod is now playing "Mine Again" by Mariah Carey!

... there go the tears

I was there. I made a video out of the pics, too, 2 years ago. I was just always behind the camera waiting to be invited into the spotlight.

It's not the person I want back, I've moved on. I just want the feelings back.


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