Friday, March 2, 2007

Loosing Sight of Love

1996 - November 1999

The first few (ok many) hookups were exciting for new. I enjoyed meeting new guys because it was always different everytime. Don't think it was easy. I got turned down more often than not (i'll talk about that later).

But after spending a few hours with someone - going home alone - looking for someone else - make small talk - meet up - spend few hours - go home alone, I realized that I was looking for something else: someone to belong to.

That was harder to do than hooking up. I ended up chatting with guy after guy after guy after guy... setting up several meet-ups a day then going home still feeling lonely. My confidence really went down because of the turn-downs, no-shows, and "one-ways", but still back I went to the chatrooms hoping that maybe this time the right guy would be online.

It became routine and I soon forgot what I was looking for.

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BarBarA: Thanks for the link. I left a comment there, too.
DaybyDay4-2day:You've no idea how right you are! :)
Bernadette: I'm a big fan!!! wow!

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