Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enter the Dragon

I was on hospital duty when the humanity welcomed 2012 and now I'm on duty again as the Year of the Water Dragon will engulf the world. That's 2 New Years. I'm feeling hardpressed to come up with some new years' resolution that should make a better me. So far I've come up with nothing.

It's not as if there is nothing I have to change. It's more of, "where should I start?" I should start showing gratitude and for what I have and stop looking for something I think I want. I have to let those around me know that I appreciate them instead of pretending not to notice. I've got a lot to be thankful for and not a lot to be angry about but yet I act the opposite. My perspective has to change.

Enter the Dragon

[PS: Years of the Dragon should be lucky but the Chinese Zodiac isn't as simple as it sounds. Apparently there are several kinds of Dragons (2012 is the Water Dragon) and every Dragon Year is some body part of a dragon - 2012 is the tail of the dragon - which is the unluckiest of all the dragon years.]
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