Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes Love Aint Enough

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
There was a time when I believed that love conquers all, that it was all that was needed. I used to believe that as long as one was in love and was loved, nothing else would matter - every problem at work or in school would mean nothing. I was selfish to believe that I could do that for someone, and even more selfish to think that when the person I was in love with experienced a setback and became upset, I would see it as my failure or a sign that he forgot about me that's why he was affected by the setback.

I'm wiser now and not illusioned by the thought that love conquers all. I now know that my beloved will not be thinking of me all the time, especially when he's busy. In fact, he may even forget all about me for a short time when under stress (either work- school- or family-related). I also know that when he tells me he is having a bad day, he just wants to tell me that's that. He's not asking me what to do, he's not blaming me. He's just sharing what he's going through and wants someone to listen.
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