Friday, July 1, 2011


His arrival was sudden. He was not expected until a full 3 months later. Even his own body was not ready for the real world. He was not ready to breath our air. He had to stay in an incubator until he could survive on his own. He was fondly called Boj, short for 'bundle of joy'. His parents loved him unconditionally.

Against the odds he survived the first 3 months and it was finally decided that he could go home with his parents as a complete family. He had been through a lot, and so did his parents. The good news was welcomed by everyone.

Three weeks later he was back in the intensive care unit. Something was wrong with his lungs. They wouldn't function properly. While life goes on, his and those of his parents are a standstill. Seeing his father telling him that he loves him and his mother smiling at him through tear-stained eyes would break anyone's heart.

But miracles still happen.

Maybe he will be one of them.
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