Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pet Peeves

I don’t really get mad that easily and it takes a lot of effort to piss me off. But I’ve noticed that there are at least 2 things that get to me easily.

  1. I hate being fed - whether someone’s being cute or just wants me to try out a new dish, I really, really, hate it when they bring the food to my mouth. Whether it’s on a spoon or even if they just keep insisting that I taste something I’ve already turned down.
  2. I rarely ask. When I do ask something it means I really don’t know the answer. No matter how obvious it might be. And once I ask something, I really hate it when a question is thrown back instead of just answering the simple question. For example, I recently got into a tempered misunderstanding over a trivial thing as editing a document:
                Me: on what page are the corrections you don’t want to accept?
                You: everything I didn’t incorporate
                Me: on what page are they?
                You: can’t you see them?
                Me: if I could, I wouldn’t be asking....

I really hope nothing get’s added to my list :D
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