Friday, August 24, 2007

Its Better to Give... If You Can Afford to

Its been 2 weeks now that i've been feeling down. I first i couldn't place what was bothering me. Now i must be feeling sorry for myself.

I'm not happy with myself particularly my financial status. I have a post-graduate degree and i still don't earn enough to be on my own.

What really gets to me is I still can't buy things for the people I close to me. Call me materialistic but its one way I show them I care.

I want to buy a gift for my mom, an ipod for my sis, a psp for my brother, a camera for my boyfriend, and something for myself too. At my age i should be able to do that but i'll hve to decide who goes first... Then i'll feel guilty because I spent all my savings on one person =( and feel bad coz i have nothing left for myself.

I think my parents know but i'm not sure. I think i've always known but i only realized it when i was 19.
Its more accepted nowadays but not like in some parts of the US.

I was brought up speaking english.
For me, its important that my partner has a sense of selfworth... Aside from the usual understanding, romantic & handsome of course :)

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